Hello there!

This is a small game project I'm working on that is currently under development. Its a top down shooter where you are the best of the best soldier and you have to defeat Alien Skeletons! Don't worry, it'll make more sense when I make cutscenes and more of a story line :/

This is very much a WIP and don't expect very much. Any suggestions and feedback will be implemented if its a cool idea!

Things I'm planning to add:


More of a storyline

New units and powers

Boss fight

Enemy levels 

Untill then! Cya :D

StatusIn development
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Authorтоварищ Havoc DC FC HC TU [HO]
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Top down shooter

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nice game bro~

ty, Snadow!

The game is simple and there is room for improvement, but the art, animation and particles are top notch! Also, it would not hurt to add a score counter or killed enemies. It is also very necessary to add a full screen mode.

But there is still one small but annoying problem: while shaking the camera, these black bars may appear on the screen:

To fix this I would recommend considering using SpriteAtlas.


Ah, thank you, Taras, I will definitely try to add a full-screen mode and fix these black lines. And the kill count should be pretty easy to add in.

Your feedback helps me a lot, y'know! 

Somehow, I cannot re-create these black lines on my end, but I think I know the problem.

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Cool but create Update with your ideas.

okay, ty!

bruh i found a way to crack this game lmao 


I'll have to fix that 😅


ive tryd this before, so op

I would like to help u with this project if i goes for u havoc, maybe i can help u with the pixel arts, im not good, but i can try to be better, so maybe...? :)

maybe...? :)

I have some pixel art i would like, XD

I'll comment on one of your comments when i would like some pixel art.

So... consider yourself HIRED!

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:) Really Nice General! Thank you! So i should download the same program as you use right? If yes can you please leave the link to it below↓↓↓

Sure, Pixelorama - For Pixel Art

Thx tomorrow or idk ill ask my dad if im allowed to install it :)

no prob

lol, u just move around and spam enter to shoot, that is so op!

yeah... like I said, it is still in development, so I am probably gonna add a limit to how many times you can shoot, lol

1 skelly = 1 missing assignment


wow web export yay


took me some time, but i did it

different skelies pls, and if u die the main menu to restart would be nice

I am planning on doing just that!

nice, maybe as an idea a black one which can hi u from more far away, but its more rare or more in late game

oh no im alway stuck in dead, or is this just normal?

gotta add a death screen

lol im stuck in dead positon but still can shoot

Haha, yeah, i will make a "You died..." screen soon. it is in testing stages now


Good game, diferent bioms would be nice

ill get to work soon!


yep.... the challenges of a game dev.....

Linux please

alr, ill try

web export pls

I'll  get to work on it

see you later be safe i will probably get back on later before i go to bed to talk for a little while

Ok, cya!

I did some school work today


i'll do my best to be on all day tommorow


gave you 5 star rating lol


i'll just sleep 


sorry but im  not gonna be on for long I'm taking a little break from all these games I been playing

its ok



hi havoc!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi MULUC!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is in browser free right?

Unfortunately there is no web export at the moment :/

there is windows and mac exports though!